We have the best Burgers, Shakes & Fries in town


rosty Queen is the best fast food in town. In a time when burger chains frantically try to expand across the country and world with frozen beef and uniform spaces, Frosty Queen has a simple aim: one perfect restaurant. After 50 years of honing their menu and ingredients, The Frosty Queen Family has the ability and experience to consistently offer quality the big burger chains simply cannot. Frosty Queen didn’t invent the hamburger. We just perfected it.

 You drive by everyday, see the lines and wonder why you don’t stop for a quick bite. Next time, please do…

You won’t be disappointed.

We know people can get burgers just about anywhere. When you have to have the BEST burger, you come to Frosty Queen – It’s our quality, passion and creativity that set us apart from the rest of the burger crowd….


From our fresh salads, rotisserie chicken, beef, and pork, to our breakfast dishes and taco plates, Frosty Queen always makes sure that our food is great tasting, made of excellent ingredients, and unbelievably fresh. Anytime you feel a craving for the best Mexican food in LA, come on in and let us serve you.

Our team

We are Frosty Queen

We like to create fast food. But not ordinary fast food. We create delicious fast food. Welcome…